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From magic and machine guns to swords and smartphones, Devin McCamey is reimagining Urban Fantasy novels with precision, punch, and panache.
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Latest Book

The Soul Of Affinity

Anton Stone, a scholar and Nordic linguist from Baltimore is out of a job.


The True Norse ripped open the sky from their world and marched their conquering armies into northern Denmark in 1997. We won the war and sent the Norse armies packing, but it left a scar on society.


Now attacks using magical Nordic affinities are on the rise and causing waves of violent backlash throughout the world. Worse, people with affinities start disappearing at an alarming rate, and no one knows why.


Anton joins up with the Nordic Threat Analysis Team (N-TAT) in an effort to understand where the real threat is, and show what it isn't.


The team uncovers a mysterious group behind the missing people. Anton must race against the looming danger to understand who is really pulling the strings. But, there seems to be a traitor in his team, and if he doesn't learn his true potential then losing his friends will be the best case scenario.


About the Author

Devin loves reading books with unique settings and rich atmospheres. His philosophy is if the setting isn't strong enough to be character in its own right, he hasn't hit the mark.

His focus is always to try to put in just the right blend of suspense, pacing, tension, and pay-offs with deep characters and complex problems.

Devin has published Eternal Payment Season 1, and The Soul Of Affinity. Currently, he is drafting up his next novel "The Wrath Wielder".

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My Works

The Soul Of Affinity

Eternal Payment
Short Story Series

The Evolution of Steel


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