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From magic and machine guns to swords and smartphones, Devin McCamey is reimagining Fantasy novels with precision, punch, and panache.

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Mortis Maledictum

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Mortis Maledictum is a novel told through stories. An unending mystery and the chaos of its passing lies in wait between these pages. Darkness that seeps down through the ages belying one simple and profound truth:

What does evil fear?

The Archivist took the utmost care to bring you that answer, unfiltered and sharply focused. Take this ride from the jade mines of Myanmar to the Peruvian jungle, from the terrible march of the Black Death, to the icy wrath of the Pacific Northwest.

Mortis Maledictum is available to listen to or watch from the links on our website. This book is for those of you who have the irresistible and desperate need to touch the darkness and explore the depth of its meaning.


About the Author

Devin loves reading books with unique settings and rich atmospheres. His philosophy is if the setting isn't strong enough to be character in its own right, he hasn't hit the mark.

His focus is always to try to put in just the right blend of suspense, pacing, tension, and pay-offs with deep characters and complex problems.

Devin has published Eternal Payment, The Price of Brimstone, and The Soul Of Affinity. The Wrath Wielder is in revisions, and he is currently writing up Mortis Maledictum.


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Mortis Maledictum

The Soul Of Affinity

The Price Of Brimstone

Eternal Payment
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