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From magic and machine guns to swords and smartphones, Devin McCamey is reimagining Urban Fantasy novels with precision, punch, and panache.

Latest Book

Mortis Maledictum

Mortis Maledictum is cataloging the stories lost to the eons. Original cosmic horror stories meant to enthrall your imagination, with original artwork to help guide the senses down these dark paths. Join us as we give you new and exciting tales frequently and without mercy.

There is no pantheon of dark celestials we will not speak of. There are no monsters we will not confront in our dread march to find the path. Time means nothing and you will witness the world shift beneath your feet.

Mortis Maledictum is a novel told through stories. It is episodic in nature and will at times, include guest stories from some very skilled writers and actors outside our team.​ Every episode written is hand-crafted and brought to life by our stupendously talented Narrators, Audio Engineers, and Artists.

We know people consume content in any manner of a thousand ways, so we're doing our part to meet you wherever you want to be. 

If you want to watch, we're on YouTube.

If you want to listen, we're on half a dozen podcast providers.

If you want to read, we're on our website and Kindle Vella.


About the Author

Devin loves reading books with unique settings and rich atmospheres. His philosophy is if the setting isn't strong enough to be character in its own right, he hasn't hit the mark.

His focus is always to try to put in just the right blend of suspense, pacing, tension, and pay-offs with deep characters and complex problems.

Devin has published Eternal Payment, The Price of Brimstone, and The Soul Of Affinity. The Wrath Wielder is in revisions, and he is currently writing up Mortis Maledictum.


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My Works

Mortis Maledictum

The Price Of Brimstone

The Soul Of Affinity

Eternal Payment
Short Story Series

The Evolution of Steel

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