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From magic and machine guns to swords and smartphones, Devin McCamey is reimagining Urban Fantasy novels with precision, punch, and panache.

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The Price Of Brimstone

    Beth Rastin has had an interesting few months, and by interesting, she would probably choose more colorful language to describe it. There would most likely be lots of shouting and throwing things too. It isn’t easy cleaning up after her insane aunt’s failed evil plans for world domination. Jonathan, her friendly angel with a gambling problem is still missing too and, although she is a classically trained witch, throwing magic around to solve her problems isn’t the best idea either. Mostly because of the whole demon possessing her and all, but she doesn’t like to talk about that, so we’ll gloss over it.

    Everything gets more complicated when mythical creatures start disappearing all over the country. Normally, this would be where she called in the big guns and let the Angels handle it but, with one exception, heaven isn’t taking her calls. It probably has something to do with them finding out about her demon thing. Instead, Beth has to summon up her friends, her wits, her power, and her courage to find the missing creatures and stand against the force decimating them before greed and guilt destroy the lives of her and her friends.


About the Author

Devin loves reading books with unique settings and rich atmospheres. His philosophy is if the setting isn't strong enough to be character in its own right, he hasn't hit the mark.

His focus is always to try to put in just the right blend of suspense, pacing, tension, and pay-offs with deep characters and complex problems.

Devin has published Eternal Payment Season 1, and The Soul Of Affinity. Currently, he is drafting up his next novel "The Wrath Wielder".


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The Price Of Brimstone

The Soul Of Affinity

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