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Eternal Payment


Jonathan is not your typical pretty boy angel full of righteousness and divine clarity. After centuries of skating the rules, the archangels finally caught up with him. Now, the Angel corps is giving him one last chance.


Five favors to pay off his debts sounds easy until he rescues Beth, a witch stuck in hell, and the devious plan threatening the world starts to finally reveal itself. How does a dis-Grace-d angel earn his way back into heaven? With a whole lot of attitude, bad jokes, and bullets.

"Well considering an angel and a half-demon just saved you from a pack of assault rifle-wielding goblins, I think we're in a lot of trouble.”

Eternal Payment The Complete First Season is the entire season of the short story serial designed to provide you with tons of action, snarky commentary, and a stark setting all in bite-sized chunks. Each episode is kept on a tight leash which results in a fast-paced story that I hope you'll love.

The season is broken down into 15 episodes.

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